Food Styling Intro Class

We decided to take George Brown College’s Food Styling HOSF9370 for a few reasons. We post a lot of cooking pictures to our Instagram account @2guyscook. We try to take decent looking photos but sometimes they don’t come out as we expect, sometimes really delicious food looks dull and nearly inedible food looks amazing. We decided to take the course to see if we could pick up a few tips to help improve our food photos.

The course was an eye opening experience. It was taught by Lindsay Guscott, a Toronto food stylist who provided an overview of the technical and business aspects of food styling and introduced us to a few amazing foodstylists and photgraphers. I had no idea there were so many types of food advertising and so many people involved in creating a photo (food stylist, prop stylist, art director, photographer and assistants). Then there’s the unbelievable amount of work that goes into creating a perfectly appetizing image – some of the images below took a couple of hours to create. (In a ‘real’ food styling situation, you would then take up to a couple of hours to get a single photo – we had 3 – 10 minutes).

Below are a sample of the photos that we took during our class. Original concepts: Lindsay Guscott. Photographer: Ashley van der Laan. Props: The Props. Our amazing collaborator: Erin.

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