Tandoor Class!!!

Week 5 of our Indian II cooking class was all about tandoor.  We made:

  • Tandoori lamb chops
  • Murgh Mali Tandoor
  • Meethi Paratha
  • Masala Kulcha

Taking this class has me once again measuring up the backyard trying to figure out where I can fit in a tandoor oven!

In Pictures:

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Lamb Prep   Frenching Lamb

A rack of lamb is Frenched and cut into individual chops.

 Marinade Lamb Marinade

A spicy, yoghurt-based tandoori marinade is used to coat the chops.

Lamb Tandoor Grilling  Lamb Tandoor Grilling 2

The lamb chops were then grilled.

Murgh Mali Tandoor

Chicken Marinade 

Chicken thighs are coated in ginger and garlic paste prior to adding a cheddar cream spice marinade.

Skewering Tandoor Chicken in Tandoor

An iron rod heats the inside of  the skewered chicken when it is cooking in the tandoor.

Paratha and Kulcha

Bread Proofing

The doughs are mixed and rested prior to forming.

Ghee Bread Forming Lachcha

The fenugreek paratha is covered with ghee and folded into rosettes before rolling out.

Chicken Stuffing

The kulchas are filled with a cheese and onion mixture.

Bread in Tandoor

Bread cooking in the tandoor.

Finished Dishes:

Cooked Lamb Finished Murgh

Tandoor lamb chops and unbelievably juicy murgh mali.

Lachcha Kulcha

Fenugreek paratha and cheese stuffed kulcha.

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