Stuffed Chicken with Almond-Cashew Gravy, Tomato Chili Rice

The dishes produced during week 4 of our Indian cooking class were spectacular.  We made:

  • Murgh Wajid Ali
  • Kheema Sali, spiced lamb with straw potatoes (not shown, photos didn’t turn out well) and
  • Tamatar Pulao, tomato-chili rice.

The murgh Wajid Ali was the hands-down winner.  It is chicken breasts stuffed with a cheese filling and served in an almond cashew gravy.  The dish was created for Wajid Ali Shah, a ‘foodie’ ruler of the Awadh kingdom of India.  If I ever see this at an Indian restaurant, I will definitely order it!

In Pictures:

Murgh Wajid Ali

Butterfly Chicken  Preparing Stuffing Rolling Chicken

Chicken breasts are butterflied, coated with ginger-garlic paste and chili powder.  A mixture of paneer, khoa, onions and coriander is used to stuff the chicken breasts before cooking.

Cashew Almond Coconut for Gravy Saffron Milk

The gravy is prepared by adding a puree of cashews, almonds and coconut to browned onions, yoghurt and spices.  The gravy’s subtle flavour is enhanced with the addition of saffron infused milk.

Finished Dishes:

Murgh Wajid Ali  Tamatar Pulao

Stuffed chicken breasts finished with coriander & almonds and tomato rice topped with fried onions prior to be devoured by the class.

Keywords:  Sean Mendonca, George Brown College, Indian II, HOSF 9428, HOSF9428

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