Lamb Kebabs, Cabbage Foogath and Lamb Roti

Week 3 of George Brown College’s Indian II (HOSF 9428) featured:

  • Lamb Kebab Jehangiri, a dish created for the Moghul ruler who built the Taj Mahal
  • Cabbage Foogath, a simple Goan vegeterian dish and
  • Andey Ki Roti, a Mumbai street snack

In Pictures:

Lamb Kebab Jehangiri:

Mise for Foogath and Jehangiri Formed Lamb Kebabs Cooking Kebabs Jehangiri Garnish

Ground lamb is mixed with onions, coriander and spices then formed into kebabs.  Traditionally, it was then placed on skewers and cooked in a tandoor.  In class we browned them before baking.  A spicy tomato gravy was prepared and some fresh vegetables were quickly browned over a high heat to soften them and give a bit of roasted/browned flavour.

Andey Ki Roti:

Lamb for Roti Roti Dressed Roti Folding Roti Cooking

Ground lamb is browned with onions and spices.  Bread dough is rolled into an oval, covered with egg and topped with the lamb mixture.  The roti is folded prior to cooking on a hot tawa (flat Indian cooking pan).  The top is brushed with ghee and more egg before slicing into pieces.

Finished Dishes:

Sheek Kebab Jehangiri Cabbage Foogath Andey Ki Roti

Lamb kebabs with spicy tomato gravy,  finished with quickly browned vegetables.  Tasty South Indian cabbage foogath, cabbage cooked with ghee, mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut.  Turmeric gives the beautiful colour.  Andey Ki Roti, cut into pieces and ready to eat.

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