Goan Fish Dishes and Green Rice: Return to Indian Cooking Class

We absolutely love Indian food – the huge variety and complexity of ingredients, spices and techniques makes for amazing cooking (and, of course, eating).

Indian II (HOSF 9428) is the third Indian cooking course that we have done at George Brown College Chef School with chef, Sean Mendonca.  Sean creates courses to provide a sampling of Indian cuisine (and even throws in a few of his grandmother’s recipes).  We really love taking classes with him – he is a fantastic teacher.  He is able to provide clear, concise instructions and keeps a watchful eye over students making sure they have picked up new techniques properly.

This first class features 2 fish dishes from Goa and a festival worthy green rice pulao.  We made Red Snapper Rechade (fried fish in a spicy marinade) and Lobster  Goan Kori (lobster in delicious coconut curry).

In Pictures:


Everything is laid out and ready to go for the 3 recipes.  This class is currently being offered to students who have taken the previous Indian class.  As a result, we were all there well before the class started to start all the prep work.

Red Snapper Rechade

Rachade Marinade

A mixture of kashmiri chilis, vinegar and spices is added to browned onions and allowed to cool before use.

Red Snapper Red Snapper Cleaned Prepping Snapper

The fish is cleaned and prepared.  A pocket is created to allow the fish to be stuffed with the spicy marinade.  This is normally made with pomfret in Goa but that is not always available in Toronto.

Marinating Fish Marinated Snapper Rachade Frying

Sean demonstrates how to properly stuff and marinade the fish before frying.

The Final Result:

Snapper Rachade Baked Snapper Rachade Lobster Curry Green Pulao

We both baked and fried the rachade.  (The fried version was tastier).  The lobster coconut curry was absolutely delicious as was the rice.  The rice was cooked then steamed in a concoction of spices and vegetables.  Great start to the course!!!

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