Malva Pudding: Heavenly South African Dessert

Continuing our culinary education, we took part in the African Fusion Culinary Tour of South Africa and Namibia that was recently offered by Toto Tours and Le Calabash.  Alison Bond (pastry chef extraordinaire) showed us her recipe for malva pudding – a spongy, light apricot pudding that was soaked in a buttery sauce.  This traditional South African dessert caught everyone’s attention when it was served by Oprah Winfrey’s chef at a fundraising dinner for her girls’ school.  Absolutely delicious!

In Pictures:

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08882

Everything is measured and ready to go.

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08888

Eggs and sugar are whipped together.

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08899

After adding melted butter, apricot jam and vinegar, milk and flour are added bit by bit.

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08904 Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08908

Remekins are buttered and filled prior to baking.

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08911

The rich sauce starts by gently heating the sugar before adding cream and butter.

Malva Pudding Demo-20160419-DSC08921-2

The final result a mouth-watering dessert that will delight everyone.

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