Sushi 6 – Big Finish, Rainbow Roll and Sushi Platter

Most of the final class was spent reviewing proper care and filleting methods for fish.  We were introduced to nasu dengaku (grilled eggplant with an egg yolk miso sauce), rainbow roll and spicy salmon/tuna.  We then got to put together our very own sushi platter.


Small eggplants were peeled, sliced and shallow fried.  They were topped with a delicious miso sauce made by heating 4 egg yolks, 300 g miso, 1 1/4 cup mirin and 3/4 cup of sugar.  The chef called it ‘vegetarian scallops” – I don’t think it was like scallops but it was quite yummy!

Cutting Tuna

The proper technique for breaking down tuna and creating sashimi slices was demonstrated.

Rainbow Roll

A 2 coloured ‘rainbow roll’ was created by making a rice-on-the-outside sushi roll and laying fresh fish ocer the top.


As a special treat, we got to use real wasabi.  If you have never tried it, it is much milder and more complex than the horseradish paste that is called wasabi in North America.

Spicy Bites  Final Sushi Plate

We made nuggets of spicy salmon as part of our final sushi platter.  We were pretty proud….can’t wait to try it out at holiday parties this year!

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