Sushi 5 – Onigiri, Ebi and Pizza

Today’s class was a bit of a hodgepodge.  We learned to make little handheld sushi triangles that are used in bento boxes called onigiri.  The correct method for preparing shrimp for sushi and sushi pizza were also covered.

Onigiri Molds Onigiri

A triangular mold is used to create the onigiri.  A small strip of nori is added to make them easy to pick up.  The picture on the right shows onigiri made with dried umeboshi (plum) on top.  Salmon and wasabi was used to fill the ones on the bottom.


Before gently poaching, shrimp are put on a skewer so that they don’t curl up when you make them

Sushi Pizza

The chef valiantly tried to make sushi pizza.  Dried out, day old rice is molded, floured and fried to make the crispy bottom for the pizza.  As our rice was fresh it would not fry.  Something to try at home…….

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