Sushi 4 – Battera, Gunkan and Shime-Saba

Today we learned to make baterra (square, compressed sushi made in a mold), gunkan (flying fish roe nuggets) and shime-shabe (marinated mackerel – a personal favourite!)

Battera 2 Battera 1 Baterra Sushi Complete

When making baterra sushi, a mold is used to create a square or rectangular pattern and to help lightly compress the rice.  It is often made with mackerel but there was extra unagi (eel) so we used that instead.

Curing Mackerel

After filleting a whole mackerel, the cleaned fillets (with skin intact) are sprinkled with sea salt and left a few hours (2 – 24).  After curing in the salt, the skin can be removed relatively easily.  The mackerel is then submerged in vinegar (again for several hours initially) until serving.

Gunkan Sushi 1 Gunkan Sushi

A thin layer of nori is wrapped around a nugget of sushi rice.  Fish roe (or other things that are hard to contain) are used to fill space created.  This is spectacular when made with ikura (salmon roe).

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