Sushi 3 – Hosomaki, Uramaki and Datemaki

Making sushi rolls became a little more challenging this week.  We made hosokomaki (small, single element rolls),  uramaki (inside out (rice on the outside) rolls) and datemaki (rolled sweet crab omelette).

In Pictures:


Hosomaki Salmon Hosomaki Hosemaki Final

We used surimi (imitation crab), avocado, cucumber, unagi (freshwater eel) and salmon  to stuff small, thin single element sushi rolls.


Uramaki Uramaki Surimi Uramaki Final Long

“Inside-out” rolls (rice on the outside, nori on the inside were a bit of a challenge.  We used unagi as the featured fish on the inside and tobiko (flying fish roe) to cover the rice on the outside.


Datemaki Scoring Datemaki Final Oblique Datemaki Final Above

This sweetened, crab flavoured omelette is rolled and cooled prior to cutting.  It is apparently a major player in bento box lunches.

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