Saint Lawrence Market and the Usual Routine

Every weekend is different but pretty much every one is spent cooking.

The theme for each weekend constantly changes – we might choose a specific regional cuisine, a cookbook or a technique or sometimes grab whatever looks good at the market and ‘wing it’.  Most of the time, the basic routine stays the same:  ideas are hatched on Friday evening (often over a bottle of wine),recipes are found, a plan is made and we make a list for Saturday morning shopping.

Toronto is a great city, especially when it comes to food.  The diversity of cultures and people that live here means that you can find pretty pretty much anything that you want.  Unfortunately the city does not always reveal itself easily and you sometimes have to know exactly where to look.

SLM Outside Shot SLM Farmers Market

One of the best places in the city to buy food is the Saint Lawrence Market. National Geographic ranked it as best food market on the world.  We try to arrive before 07:30 Saturday morning, before it starts getting too busy.

SLM Long ShotSLM Rubes Flour StoreSLM Fruit Market - edited

The main building houses permanent shops (open Monday – Saturday) with vendors of every sort – butchers, bakers, spice stores, ethnic foods – the list goes on and on.  A new temporary building to the south houses the farmers’ market.  Seasonal produce, meats, cheese, etc. are offered by a variety vendors and farmers who are only there on Saturdays.

For any remaining items we often head to our local No Frills, which we affectionately refer to as ‘Hell’ but that is a story for another time.

When we are efficient with our time, we are often ready to start cooking between 8 and 9 Saturday morning.

It is the Labour Day long weekend and we are sticking around the house.  That means that there is a lot of cooking happening this weekend.  To help come up with a workable approach and to find our voice in this blog, we will post a list of this weekend’s projects.

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